Jeroným Klimeš
Partners and breakups

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1. Sample chapter from the book
2. Sample chapter from the book

The book has had big success in the Czech Republic, as it is written in a readable and understandable way. Even a person without psychological education can understand it. Everybody who goes through a breakup can find a clear description of phases, which he or she has already gone through, as well as what awaits him or her. They will also find an explanations of inner laws of a breakup.

Readers like not only the easy-to-read style but also that it is not populist and does not offer "cheap" solutions. Though divorces and breakups are common problems they cannot be solved with common sense. Cognition of partners is distorted by many processes during a breakup, and they are divided into a few separated phases. It is unfortunate, but partners start to be interested in the theory of breakups only when the breakup is already underway. Most people do not come to a psychologist until the breakup is in a third phase, when one partner is determined to end the relationship and the other strives for a reconciliation with all of his or her energy. This asymmetry is followed by sophisticated manipulation and creates a stalemate when this occurs. For this simple reason it is advisable to be interested in the theory of breakups two years before this possibility rather than two days too late.

My book also analyses the mechanisms of interaction between partners during a mutual relationships where both desire to be together. A breakup is full of mutual manipulations. The book explains these rules of such a manipulative fight, thinking of a manipulator, his or her feelings and love. I explain invisible fantasy figures (in English literature known as so called imaginal others) which represent real partners during the time when they are already separated and no longer in physical contact.

The last chapter is devoted to degenerated communication, i.e. reasons why partners cannot understand each other despite the fact they both have a good will.

Success in Czech Republic:

The book was published in 2005 as the author's first monograph in 2000 pieces - it is a common printing in the Czech Republic. Just in the first year, there was a first reprint, another one a half year later, and a few others later. To date, 7000 books have been sold The readers are mostly people in breakups. 

Annotation of the author:

PhDr. Mgr. Jeroným Klimeš, Ph.D. – well known psychologist in the Czech Republic – studied hydrogeology and psychology at Charles University in Prague and the University of Texas. He was a family and partnership therapist in step family care (foster care and adoptions). He teaches psychology at Charles University for American and other international students. He is the psychological adviser of Czech Ombudsman in Brno and the Minister of Social Affairs in Prague. He publishes a lot in the daily press on psychological topics.


Partneři a rozchody / Jeroným Klimeš. – Vyd. 1. – Praha :
Portál, 2005. – 240 s.
ISBN 80-7367-045-3 316.813